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All the models of the Airwheel electric unicycle and ninebot electric scooter are on sale now.

Airwheel offers an efficient and economic solution to today’s urban transportation needs. With an energy consumption equivalent to at least 1200* miles per gallon, we think that an airwheel electric unicycle is truly one of the most efficient ways of getting around. At average electricity prices today, riding an airwheel will cost you $0.003 per mile. You can go for a thousand miles on just a single buck.

Airebike Technology was established in 2010.We are engineers, designers, and industry veterans who passionately believe that better electric transports make a better world. We want to bring the the best electric scooter and electric unicycle to the market. We believe that, in the times of rising fuel costs and public transport fares, Airebike provide a fantastic solution for many commuters.

The vision of Airebike Technology is to realize digitization, seamless connection and clean energy and our mission is to improve user’s travel experience by its top-notch technology, creative design and considerate services. Airebike will bring the customer more electric transports. Watch the videos and the photos if you want to know how people say about Airwheel and Airebike.