How to drive Self-balancing Unicycle

When you want to start your first ride of Airwheel Self-balancing Unicycle, please try to wear comfortable casual or sports outfit and wear flat shoes. Please bring the Airwheel electric scooter to a more spacious place, and ensure that there is no  any significant obstacles

Steps to riding your Airwheel Self-balancing Unicycle

1. Hold Airwheel Self-balancing unicycle with one hand  to make sure it perpendicular to the ground.

2. Unfold the foot platforms and press them into the down position. Place your feet parallel on both sides of the Airwheel Self-balancing unicycle.

3. Put one foot on one platform and stand up straight. Shifting your weight forward, lightly push off the ground with the other foot and immediately place it on the other platform so that you straddle the Airwheel Self-balancing unicycle, squeezing the pads between your lower legs.

4. Shift your body weight gradually forward to pick up speed. Do not lunge forward.

5. Shift your body weight backward to slow down or stop.

6. To turn, lean the wheel in the direction you want to go

7. IMPORTANT: Twist your feet right and left for balance and steering. This is similar to maneuvering the front wheel of a bicycle. (Attempting to balance by leaning and tilting is much less effective.

8. When you are ready to get off, slow down, stop and step off with one foot; grab the handle. Keep your other foot on the other platform and turn the Airwheel Self-balancing unicycle off.

1.0Use Handlebar tape to ensure your driving safety

(When you are not yet familiar with driving the electric unicycle, the Handlebar tape can help you avoid falling and scratching.)

1) Tie the handle bar tape to self-balancing unicycly’s handle. One foot on the pedal board and adjust the length of the strap to a comfortable position.

2) When you are out of balance in the process of driving,and had to jumped out of the car, then you can take advantage of the handle tape to grabbed self-balancing unicycle to avoid the lose caused by its out of control.

2.0 How to control the balance

self balancing electric unicycle keep it forward and backward self-balancing with a gyroscope.

When you lean forward, self balancing unicycle will sense your actions to accelerate; When you lean back, self balancing electric unicycle will control the motor slow down to maintain you and the body balance.

self balancing electric unicycle can not keep balance of left and right automatically, just like bike,it relys on a certain speed and your body to control the left and right balance.

 Do not ride on smooth pavement or fine sand-covered roads,the needs friction of the wheel and the ground to maintain its balance.

3.0 Hoew to move ahead?


Like riding a bicycle,most of the center of gravity have shifted to self balancing electric unicycle,so when you gently tread the pedal and the other foot tread the ground backward,self balancing electric unicycle will go forward.just like in the previous step to keep balancing, you need try you best to keep the body balanced in the cycling process,and the other foot off ground should step on the match pedal quickly and lightly. This step requires you at least be able to ride a distance of 3-5 meters.

Intermediate ahead:

You can basically control self balancing electric unicycle when you in this step,witch needs you to pay attention to two points:first is maintain a certain speed, secondly,control speed via lean backward and forward. We recommend that you continue to accumulate experience in the cycling process, continuous learning, when you are more confident that you can keep riding long distances then go to next step.

4.0 How to control the direction ?

About turn: we found that beginners like to turn by moving the upper body, but result in bad effection. So we recommend that you turn the through adjust the strength of left and right foot to the pedal,that can change the inclination of the unicycle.With constant practice, you will achieve the effect of turning you expect.

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