1. How does the Airwhee Unicyclel work?

Airwheel unicycle moves thanks to the electric engine, the battery and the gyro-stabilized system. Highly accurate gyro sensors are integrated in the motherboard. They detect the forward tilt and instruct the engine to compensate for the balance by rotating the wheel and by keeping this tilt stable. When braking, they reciprocally detect the backward tilt and order the engine to decelerate.

2. What is the largest difference between the Airwheel models

Model X is one the single wheel electric unicycle. You need to take more time in the learning to ride it.
Model Q is the Twin wheel electric unicycle. So it is more easy for the rider to keep balance.

3. How far and how fast can I ride the Airwheel unicycle?

You can ride the airwheel for approximately 18-65km/11-40miles on a single charge. It is based on the capacity of the battery.

4. What kind of battery is in the Airwheel unicycle?

Airwheel uses a rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery with a lifespan of more than 1,000 cycles. The battery is featured with 1,800 recharge times, 3.8 times life expectancy and 2.9 times duration of ordinary lithium batteries.

5. Is there a weight limitation?

The maximum weight load is 120 kg/ 265 lbs.

6. How long will my Airwheel unicycle last?

Generally the battery has a typical lifespan of approximately 1,000 cycles even though the my Airwheel itself lasts much longer.

7. Weight? Autonomy? Charging time?

Airwheel is the lightest motor vehicle in the world. About 18-65 km of autonomy, in accordance with the battery capacity abd the use (weight of the user, terrain, temperature, tire pressure, speed). Full charging of the battery lasts 1-2 hour based on the battery capacity.

1. Is it easy to ride the airwheel unicycle

For Model X, It takes between 15-40 min to learn the basic skills, so we recommend that read the user manual carefully. You can have a look at the learning video on our website. This is for the Model X.

Fox Model Q, you wil not take to much time in the learning. Even a small child can ride it. But you should know the basic skills.

2. On what type of terrain can I ride the Airwheel?

The Airwheel is stable and easily operated on numerous types of terrain such as; asphalt, concrete, gravel, grass, dirt, and more. You can almost ride it in any place.

3. Is there a minimum age one has to be to ride the Airwheel?

Yes, it is recommended for ages 10 and older for the Model X and Model Q. We recommend that you take some protective measures for the learning.

4. Does it require special special skills?

Airwheel does not require any special skills. Airwheel is an self-balancing electric unicycle. Airwheel can be used by everyone as the bicycle is. The only difference with a bicycle is that you will not be looking for the lateral balance by your hips leaning against the saddle, but, by your calves leaning on the middle of the red leg pads.

5. Could I ride it to work or school?

Sure you can! After you master the Airwheel you could easily carry it with you, and as it’s so portable you can always get it into busestrainssubwaysmetroscars so you could drive it straight to your destination if it’s not too far or use public transportation and shorten your walks in between.

6. Is airwheel legal in my country?

We recommend all consumers to check the rules and regulations of transportation devices of their country. For more detailed information please check with your local government transportation department.

7. Is the Airwheel waterproof? Can i ride it in rainy days?

The protection grade is up to IP65. And the electrical system is designed in fully enclosed pattern. You can ride it in rainy days. And you can wash it with water!

1. What is the price of the Airwheel unicycle and where can i order?

You can have a look at our online shop for the details. If you like, you can palce the order directly from our website.
For the distributor, you need to contact with us for the details.

2. what is the expected Shipping Charges and in how many working days?

For the Europe and North America, it will take 5-7 working days at least.
For the most place in Australia and Asia, it will take 2-5 working days.
For the other palce, you need contact us for more details.

3. How can i pay if i do not have a Paypal account?

We suggest you to use the paypal to finish the order. If you do not have paypal account, you can use your credit card pay via Paypal.

4. What express company will you use?

We usually use UPS, FedEx, TNT and EMS. To different, we will choose the best express service.

1. Where is the Airwheel developed and manufactured?

The Airwheel was invented in the United States, but it is developed and manufactured in China.

2. How safe is is?

When ridden properly, the Airwheel is a safe and fun way to commute. With a powerful motor, the Airwheel provides excellent self-stabilization properties for riders even on and over various types of terrain.

3. Is there a warranty for Airwheel unicycle ?

Yes, the Airwheel has a limited one-year warranty. You can have a look at the warranty page for the details.