Electric Unicycle is Airwheel

Just like the photos and videos you seen on our website. Airwheel is an electric one wheel unicycle.
Airwheel Show

How does the Electric Unicycle (Airwheel) Work?

Like the traditional unicycle it has only one wheel. You need to use your body to keep balance. And the electric power and the electric motor will help you move on. But we have improved the wheel, so that it will be easy for you to keep balance on the airwheel electric unicycle.Like you see it on Model Q3, Q1 and Q5.

Airwheel self balancing electric unicycle moves thanks to the electric engine, the battery and the gyro-stabilized system. Highly accurate gyro sensors are integrated in the motherboard. They detect the forward tilt and instruct the engine to compensate for the balance by rotating the wheel and by keeping this tilt stable.

How to choose the Airwheel?

Airwheel is the one wheel electric unicycle that anyone can ride. You may have see the photos and the videos on our website. Even a small kids can ride it easily. So how to choose the airwheel that you need. We have some tips for you?

1. Think over how you will use the airwheel unicycle in your daily life?

2. Choose the model that you need. As we have Model Q and Model X. For the difference between Model Q and Model X, Pls find the answer here. Click here.

2. Choose the battery capacity and the models you need? If you have any questions, you may can find the answer here. Click Here.

The Key Features of the Airwheel Electric Unicycle


Airwheel self balancing unicycle was designed to be lightweight and convenient. You can bring it into offices, classrooms, restaurants, buses and subway trains. The built-in carrying handle makes it convenient to quickly pick up the Airwheel when you get to a flight of stairs. With the foot pedals folded up, it takes up no more space than a briefcase when you stow it in your car.

Environmentally Friendly

Just like electric bike.Use the Airwheel self -balancing electric unicycle to replace a car for short distances. This reduces gas costs, pollution, and traffic. Riders with short commutes can travel to work or school on the Airwheel, charge the unit in the office or classroom, and then ride back home.

Hands Free

The Airwheel electric unicycle provides a convenient hands-free experience. Because you operate the Airwheel entirely by shifting your body weight and adjusting the angle of your feet and lower legs, you have both hands free to carry anything you need. Carry a cup of joe, pull a rolling suitcase, even open doors. Or just put your hands in your pockets to keep them warm.